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Debased Metal: Restoring The Currency Of The Olympic Brand

It’s hardly news that the Olympic movement returned from Rio with its precious brand badly tarnished, causing many to question its value to the world.

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Faster, Higher, Stronger…Cheater?

All over the world this morning, young athletes are shaking themselves awake and taking to the track, the pool and the gym to complete yet another round of the punishing training regime that may make them faster, higher, stronger, and take them to Tokyo in 2020.

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Brexit: How To Remain Standing When Two Giants Collide

Whilst a referendum offers the advantage of a clear-cut decision, it’s a crude instrument to use when dealing with the nuances of relationships, whether between countries or people.

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Driving Change In Road Safety

When Feargal Quinn addressed the Senate in early 1999 on the topic of road safety, he did so with a sense of weary resignation.

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Which Brand Of Government Do We Want?

In recent months, we’ve been invited to choose our next government, but it’s evident from the delays in government formation that for many voters the choices available weren’t very attractive, or the differences between those standing for election all that obvious.

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