Launch Your Brand

A great brand helps you build a powerful and enduring relationship with your customer and provides a solid basis for a successful business.

Back in the days when Kevin Costner was a coming force in Hollywood, he made the film ‘Field of Dreams’ in which he played Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella, a driven individual who is inspired to build a baseball field on his farm when he hears a voice in his corn field tell him, “If you build it, he will come.”

But as an ambitious business-owner, you can’t afford to simply build your business and hope that customers will come.

Instead, you need to carefully plot your position in your market, determine why customers will buy from you (rather than from your competitors or not at all) and plan how you intend to influence them to choose you.

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Refresh Your Brand

Every business has a brand, strong or weak. Which is yours?

Would you swap your regular toothpaste for another? Or change accountant on a whim?

Probably not.

We all choose products and services we trust, understand and relate to. Your business is no different.
You should tackle your brand if you have difficulty in winning or keeping customers (or even attracting their attention in the first place). You should take action if you’re always losing out to second-rate competitors or have customers who can’t see what makes you different from the others.

Most of all, you should grasp the nettle if you’re constantly being beaten down on price (for truly strong brands, pricing is rarely an issue).

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