What To Wear Under Cover

Briefly put, many males are reluctant to shop for the bare necessities of clothing, those essential items that are glimpsed rather than seen by all except their nearest and dearest.

Even the more hygienic are prone to the threadbare look when it comes to the ‘socks, jocks and tees’ department of their wardrobe.

And somewhere in his mind, the Irish male of the species hears his mammy’s voice worrying over the state of his underwear if he were to be rushed off unexpectedly to hospital. Yes indeed, what would the neighbours think?

Underneath It All

Well mammy, those next-door neighbours or anyone getting up close and personal with the nation’s wannabe gentlemen need judge no more, for help is at hand in the form of this week’s guest on Kickstart Your Business.

With a family background in men’s fashion (Galvin For Men), Rob Galvin noted that men were often slow to shop for quality underwear essentials. A recent graduate of UCD’s Innovation Academy, he decided to set up www.Stor.Supply, an online service supplying regular consignments of underwear to reluctant shoppers.

Reluctant gentlemen shoppers, and those who love them, can sign up for a subscription that sees those simple, bare necessities delivered undercover of some elegant packaging once a month or every three months. Sure Mammy wishes she’d thought of it herself.

Boxing Clever

George and Gerard both enjoyed Rob’s undercover assignment, with George vowing to change his boxers more often as a result.

In particular, Gerard admired the way in which Rob has cleverly included the nearest and dearest as key target customers for his growing business. Pinpointing the ideal customer and those who buy for them in this way is inspired, and should keep Rob focussed on what matters in his business.

The Whole Package

What do you suggest that Rob might do to get the whole world of men happily wearing only the finest underwear essentials. Not to mention the joy he brings to their nearest and dearest.

Listen back to Rob on Kickstart Your Business (with thanks to Energia), and tell us what you think? We’d love to hear from you.


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