Bulletproof Your Business

Gerard joins Paul Lanigan on his Bulletproof Your Business Podcast to do some ‘branding out loud’ and chat about how #storyliving and #storytelling are at the heart of building great brands.


Money Never Sleeps

From Ireland to Hong Kong, then back to Ireland… and finally the MoneyNeverSleeps podcast, Islandbridge CEO Gerard Tannam chats with Pete Townsend and Eoin Fitzgerald about how #storytelling builds brands and bridges to customers.


Brand Promises

In this episode, we ask whether telling lies makes brand sense and what are the consequences for brand liars.
As children, we’re told we shouldn’t make promises that we can’t keep. Yet, many of the world’s big brands are economical with the truth.

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There Are Lies

Out of sight, out of…what are the important elements in building trust at a distance?

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Barney Brand

Why do so many brands have to make nice? Sometime, grown-up taste is for something a lot less sugary.

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The Brand Plays On

What happens to a brand when it loses some of its top talent?

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The Brand & The Bumblebee

Making a list can be very useful…but not if you’re building a brand.

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