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The Blend

"The Blend" is a series of articles in which Gerard Tannam takes a look at how to cook up a great brand, samples some of the ingredients you'll need to make one of your own and weighs up the impact of branding on different parts of the business mix.


You’ve Got To Have Heart

You've got to have heart. Otherwise, even the most inviting stores can become unwelcoming places for your customer.

Whistle A Happy Tune

In times of uncertainty, it's more important than ever that we open our door wide and make our customers welcome to do business with us.

Hitting The Target

The simple act of picturing our ideal customer will lead us to make practical provisions for bringing them into our business.

Creature Comforts

So how did the decision to build a brand that doesn’t check in its personality at the door work out for its owners?

The Show Is About To Begin

In whichever marketing arena we find ourselves, we must learn to play to our audience and deliver a performance that brings our customers to their feet.


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