Islandbridge Kingfisher Game Of The Name


Hey, did you see that?

A flash of brilliance.

Our lockdown walks along the river Dodder have been enlivened by the occasional glimpse of the resident kingfisher, whose favourite spot just below the bridge at Rathfarnham is the focus of a flock of photographers who gather, paparazzi-like, to capture his quiet brilliance.

This glittering jewel of the riverbank inspired our own flight of fancy, and we invited designers Crilly & Wardell to craft our own Islandbridge kingfisher to add to the beautiful new brand identity they created for us early last year.

We’re looking forward to introducing our Islandbridge kingfisher to you over the next few weeks. In the meantime, we’re looking for a name for our new arrival and invite you to suggest a suitably brilliant one.

The chosen name will win you a jewel-box of delicious Irish food brands, created by All Ireland Foods.

May the best, and most brilliant, name win!

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