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When we go to buy from someone for the first time, we find it’s reassuring to hear from others who’ve tried them before. And you’re probably no different.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their experience of working with Islandbridge. Naturally, we’ve chosen the best bits but if you’d like to hear about the whole experience, warts and all, many of our customers will be happy to talk with you. Just let us know so we can check with them first and put you in touch with them.

The Business Troubleshooters

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‘We struggled to be as clear, direct and effective in our messaging as we are in our work troubleshooting for clients.

Thanks to Islandbridge, and the strategic brand framework they developed with us, we’re now living up to our name in everything we say as well as everything we do, making it much easier for us to strike up frank conversations with clients who have business troubles that need taking care of.’

Fergus Doyle, MD, The Business Troubleshooters


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‘We engaged Islandbridge to assist us in growing our sales in a fast-changing local and international business environment; thanks to their work in helping us target our ideal customers and prospects more effectively, we’ve seen significant growth in our premium service offering.’

Carol Hingerton, Managing Director, Lettershop

Savvi Credit Union

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‘Working as a key part of our Business Transformation team, Islandbridge researched and delivered a strategic brand framework that reflects both where we’ve come from as five individual credit unions and where we want to get to as one single credit union in order to deliver on our vision of ‘banking without banks’.

As a result, we were able to make key decisions in designing and building a strong and distinctive Savvi Credit Union brand that represents all that’s great in the relationship we have with our members.’

Robert Cooper, CEO, Savvi Credit Union

Leman Solicitors

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"Leman Solicitors are one of Ireland's fastest growing commercial law firms.

As an ambitious and fast-growing business, our work with Islandbridge really helped us punch above our weight and break through the glass ceiling into the next division."

Larry Fenelon, Managing Partner

Quinn Downes

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"Quinn Downes offers Mechanical Engineering Installation, Service & Maintenance services to many of Ireland's leading property owners and managers.

Islandbridge provided us with a well-researched and clear set of directions on how to tackle key decisions about the branding of our new sister company, ensuring an immediate buy-in to the new company from customers and partners alike."

Derek Downes, Managing Director

House Of Finance

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"Once we discovered the power of our brand, we quickly identified the market we wanted to go after. Now, we have fewer customers overall, but more 'best customers' that bring greater value to our business.

As Gerard put it, 'Why put all that effort into swimming in eight lanes when you can stick to the two lanes where you're specialists, and be winners in them?'

Ronan Twohig, Director of Strategy & Business Development


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"The team at Islandbridge have an uncanny knack for quickly getting to the heart of brand positioning; they ask the right questions and challenge you to rethink previous ideas about what your customers want.

As a result, we now have a stronger, more dynamic brand that resonates deeply with our core market."

Gavin Cooney, Co-Founder & CEO

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland

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"Because they spent time with us and our clients, Islandbridge really get what we are about as an organisation.

Thanks to them, we now have a distinctive brand that communicates with compassion and authority the vital role we play in the lives of our clients"

Barbara O'Connell, CEO & Founder

Lee Valley Clothing

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"Since rebranding, we now play to our traditional strengths.

The work we did with Islandbridge showed us that we didn't need to change direction to grow our business. All we needed to do was take a step back and look at what we already did so well and grow from this."

Lisa Hurley, Marketing Manager

JL Goor Materials

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"Islandbridge's Gerard and Anne were very friendly and professional, and this gave us the confidence to let someone from outside our business research where JL Goor is positioned and how we could build on this. The strategic positioning work we did with them was like holding up a mirror and seeing more clearly who we are and where we want to be in the future.

The independent feedback and insight gained from their meetings with our best customers and specialist suppliers informed and clarified our business strategy. We're happy that Islandbridge delivered what they promised."

Joe Wall, Sales Director

Conefrey’s Healthcare

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"Our work with Islandbridge has provided a very clear roadmap of what I need to do to stand out from my competition, and build on the substantial legacy of our landmark pharmacy which was established on Pearse Street in Dublin over 60 years ago.

I'm delighted with the important edge this gives me in my business, and the opportunity to renew our commitment to our customers and our community."

Tomas Conefrey, Superintendent Pharmacist

FEL Forest Enterprises

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"Islandbridge really woke us up to the power of our brand and nowhere is this more evident than on our website.

Underpinned by our distinctive positioning and strategy, our website is now our most successful lead generator."

Daragh Little, Managing Director

Atlantic Projects Company

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“We really felt the impact of our recent work with Islandbridge at a leading International Conference.

The new presentation of our brand demonstrated our clear and distinct profile, communicating with authority our position as leading global provider of services to the Gas and Oil Industry."

Brian Sherras, Director of Marketing & Business Development

Able Table

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"Thanks to Gerard and Islandbridge, we now have a better understanding of our business and where we need to go from here.

The advice we received has been invaluable in giving us the push we needed to take our business to the next level."

Caríosa Sullivan, CEO

Antaris Consulting

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"Through our work with Islandbridge, we identified the core strengths in our business and in our proprietary offerings, which positioned us to tackle new opportunities outside of Ireland.

As a result, we've successfully won contracts in Europe and Asia, and have significantly grown our business both at home and abroad."

Gerard Higgins, Founder & CEO

CG Business Consulting

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"Our work with Islandbridge in profiling our best customers and knowing what they really value in what we offer has really focused our sales efforts and led to a significant increase in new business.

I can't recommend them highly enough."

Caroline Geoghegan, Business Owner

Gaiety School of Acting

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"Islandbridge helped us to navigate through the choppy waters of recession, providing uncluttered strategies that worked and continue to work.

Through our essential work together, we now attract the type of customer we love doing business with, over and over again. Our marketing materials are more targeted and effective, helping fill our programmes with participants that are just right for us."

Patrick Sutton, Managing Director, Gaiety School of Acting

AIB Private Banking

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"Through our work with Islandbridge, we now offer something new and real to those customers whose needs are perfectly matched with our distinctive offer.

With their help, we're confident that at the core of our business model lies this simple enduring principle: what's truly good for our customers is good for us."

Patrick Farrell, Head Of Private Banking

IQ Group

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"Under Gerard's expert guidance, we conducted an in-depth review of how we work best with our customers.

As a result, we got a real understanding of what our customers value most, which we've translated into clear messages that really appeal to them. If you want to do business with more of your ideal customers, I can't recommend Islandbridge highly enough."

Jannetje van Leeuwen, Managing Partner

Renaissance Security Services

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In these challenging times, we needed a brand that better reflected both the quality and value of our premium service to clients.

Thanks to our work with Islandbridge, we're now able to go to market with an offer that's confident and commercially savvy, and much more likely to appeal to our preferred clients.

Eric Boles, Owner & Managing Director

The Westport Woods Hotel

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Our work with Islandbridge and the go!kids! brand has rejuvenated our family holiday business, changed the way we see our offering and given us something fresh and distinctive to say to our market.


We’ve seen double-digit growth within the first two years of the brand launch, held room yields whilst competitors dropped theirs, retained key staff and prompted greater participation by parents, all of which resulted in much better business all-round.

Michael Lennon, Owner

Sandler Sales Institute (Ireland)

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Building a brand isn’t easy. It requires commitment and there are lots of difficult decisions to take along the way. Islandbridge rolled up their sleeves, helped us identify what was best for our business and insisted that we take the difficult decisions.


The results have been dramatic and we have a brand that is both powerful and distinctive and a real reflection of where we want to be in our market.

Paul Lanigan, CEO

Clear Ink

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Branding has been very important to us.

At first, we were sceptical about the Islandbridge approach but the results have been incredible. We’ve been able to identify our role in the eyes of our customers and, as a result, are more confident and more successful.

The work we've done on our brand has made the important decisions so much easier.

Margaret E. Ward, Owner & Journalist

Action Recruitment

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Retain Islandbridge if you’re as determined as they are to make a difference. They really kept us to task and their ability to reflect the real views of customers, staff & colleagues is wonderful and led to far-reaching outcomes for our business.

Brian Fahy, Founding Partner

Pace Marketing

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"When we launched our brand, people accepted it immediately.

They said, “that’s great, that makes sense” and then they all bought. They wiped me out – we ran into terrible problems with supply."

Derek McCann, CEO


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With the help of Islandbridge, we’re now attracting the kind of clients we want to work with who instinctively understand why they need us.

Annette Tierney, CEO

Dooley Group Franchise

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We were really excited. It was like starting over again, but with twenty years experience and the resources to do it right.

Gabriel Dooley, Founder

Arbutus Hotel Killarney

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Thanks to our work with Islandbridge, we’ve regained confidence and belief in what we have to offer and are putting the hotel back where she belongs, at the heart of Killarney and the Killarney experience.

Sean Buckley, Owner

Dublin Institute of Technology

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Islandbridge worked closely with our staff, students, alumni and industry partners to identify a common purpose and shared values that have translated into an inspirational brand for the School and our industry partners.

Dr. Sheila Flanagan, Head of School of Hospitality Management & Tourism

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