Building Your Bridge To Opportunity

Date: Tuesday 14th July, 2020 - Wednesday 15th July, 2020 Time: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Two Day Course on Building Your Bridge To Opportunity

Venue: Online Training via Zoom
Tickets: Complimentary
Contact: Gerard Tannam

As Ireland returns cautiously to work, we’re conscious that employment remains a closed shop for many in our society: Refugee, asylum-seekers and non-native English speakers, young people under 25 with educational barriers, and people with a disability.

As supporters of Ireland’s Open Doors Initiative, we’re delighted to offer our online Building Your Bridge To Opportunity Training Course on July 13th & 14th to help open some of those closed doors.


Course Outcomes

§ Define the opportunity – each participant’s ‘far shore’

§ Understand what a personal brand is, and the importance of developing a professional

profile in unfamiliar territory

§ Understand the role of relationships (old and new) in bridging the gap to the far shore

§ Understand the role of a professional profile in influencing choice

§ Define what you will bring to the relationship and what you will take from it (the basis for


§ Understand how those you must influence make their choice

§ Learn a practical relationship-based brand framework

§ Identify the role you play and the person / organisation you must influence plays in the


§ Develop a professional profile based on the role you will play in the relationship

§ Define the values and characteristics that guide the activities and messages that underpin

the relationship

§ Develop an action plan based to take action according to the values and characteristics of

your proposed relationship