3 Do’s And Don’ts For Engaging With Potential Customers

Sometimes, we can be too eager to impress a potential customer rather than focusing on what’s important for them during that first meeting.

“Enough about me. Now, what do you think of me?’

Sometimes we can be too eager to impress a potential customer and end up talking about ourselves or giving too much background information that is neither helpful nor necessary. Here’s three do’s and don’ts to help us focus on what is important during the that initial first meeting.

Do begin by asking your customer about their business and what challenges face them

Don’t jump in with a longwinded pitch about who you are and what services you have available.

Do listen carefully and keep your comments short, sweet and to the point.

Don’t assume your customer has all day to be impressed by what you have to say.

Do round off the conversation with a brief summary of what was discussed and the invitation to take the next step.

Don’t let your customer leave the conversation wondering if their time was spent wisely talking to you.