Seven Great Reasons To Brand

What Can Branding Offer To The Small, Local Or Independent Business?

1. It levels the playing field. A well-branded small business is often better equipped than the national or global chain to build and maintain reputation and relationships (albeit at a more modest level).

2. It enables the business to build its reputation based on its distinctive relationships with customers and suppliers, and play to its strengths.

3. It provides an organising framework for the business and takes the guesswork out of marketing and communications.

4. It offers a common language for the business team so that they can describe what they do and what makes them different in a consistent way.

5. It makes for fresh and compelling personal communications that really engage the customer and provides a basis for enduring relationships.

6. It prompts the business to lead through real values and enables the business-owner to trust to the intuitive leadership that distinguishes great businesses.

7. Finally, and most importantly, it helps a business to identify its ideal customers, and a market that it can own and defend so that it can establish genuine and sustainable competitive advantage.