Early Signs Are Great For SuperHands

Although the early years in your child’s life are typically filled with the joys of discovery and connection for both baby and parents alike, they can bring their own share of frustrations too.

Many of these can be traced to the difficulties on both sides in making themselves understood. Is baby tired, hungry, scared, in pain? Often the only signs are that baby is somehow distressed and it’s up to mum and dad to second-guess the reasons for tears and tantrums.

“What We’ve Got Here Is Failure To Communicate”

If the two grown men in Cool Hand Luke were troubled by a breakdown in communication, imagine how much more frustrating it is when you and your little one both seem poorly equipped to share vital information. When words don’t come easily, what’s a baby to do?

Professional actor Miriam Devitt (Cool Hands Miriam), our featured guest on Kickstart Your Business, started using sign language with her own daughter when she was tiny, and was so encouraged by her success that she set out to get every baby in Ireland signing before they can talk through her business SuperHands.ie.

So Babies Can Tell You Before They Can Talk

George and Gerard were initially intrigued and then delighted with Miriam’s initiative in helping young families to get signing through classes, Ireland’s first baby signing book and, more recently, the SuperHands app on the App Store. Especially when they learned that babies who sign tend to talk earlier than their peers, and seem better equipped in later life for learning new information.

Gerard admired the SuperHands.ie website in particular but suggested that Miriam might look a little more closely at how she guides the visitor and prospective buyer throughout. The options of classes, book or app are presented somewhat randomly; with her extensive experience, Miriam is in a great position to gently direct her visitors along the well-worn paths to purchase.

Your Chance To Show And Tell

Whilst the early signs for SuperHands are great, how do you suggest that Miriam attracts even more baby signers, particularly as she looks to take her business overseas.

Listen back to Miriam on Kickstart Your Business at Newstalk ( http://www.newstalk.com/Kickstart-Your-Business:-SuperHands ) and let us know what you think; we’d love to hear from you.

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