Heads Up On Audio Headgear

More and more, modern life seems to demand a soundtrack.

But for many athletes and others who like to listen to music on the go, the headphones and earplugs typically required to wire them for sound as they step to the beat are unwieldy and uncomfortable. It’s difficult to get lost in the music when you’re tripping through the wires or plugging your ears.

If The Cap Fits

When Padraig Clarke’s wife and business partner Sinead found conventional headphones uncomfortable whilst out running, they decided to research and design their own wearable technology solution to the problem. And so, Saorbuga, loosely translated from the Irish as Move Freely, and offering wireless audio headgear, was born.

Padraig, our featured guest on Kickstart Your Business, introduced three types of bluetooth audio headgear: the traditional beanie, the sports beanie and the sports headband. With the market for wearable technologies exploding worldwide, their design seems to tick all the boxes, so there is likely to be a significant opportunity for Saorbuga.

Talking Heads On Listening Heads

George immediately saw how Saorbuga might make his round of golf all the more enjoyable, and we were quick to acknowledge how this audio headgear has applications in all sorts of environments were people on the move want to walk or work handsfree whilst listening to their favourite sounds (or picking up on calls and messages).

However, I suggested that whilst the market opportunity is enormous, Saorbuga faces the challenge of building their brand quickly before the traditional technology giants come out to play. Padraig and Sinead need to focus on the core of their market, find their Bullseye Customer, and work to build a strong customer base in a sizeable niche (e.g. running clubs).

Throw Your Hat In The Ring

What can Padraig and Sinead do to get the world listening to music whilst sporting the latest Saorbuga headgear?

Listen back to Padraig on Kickstart Your Business (with thanks to Energia), and tell us what you think? We’d love to hear from you.


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