Kickstarting Over On The Right Hook

Popular business feature Kickstart Your Business moves to The Right Hook on Mondays.

After two and a half years on Hook’s Saturday Sit-In, Gerard’s lively Kickstart Your Business feature moves to primetime radio, just after the 6 o’clock evening news on The Right Hook.

The move reflects both the growing popularity of the feature and Newstalk’s commitment to championing the cause of small business on their flagship programme.

We kickstart our new slot with on Monday, November 11th, when we’ll feature Keith McGuigan’s online marketplace which enables customers from all over the world to buy goods from farmer’s markets across Ireland.

Check out and tune in to Kickstart Your Business on Monday 11th and every Monday to hear more about the successs and the challenges of our featured start-up, suggestions from George and Gerard on what they might do even better, and comments and opinions from our listeners.