No Place Like Home

Our client Janssen-Cilag, in partnership with University College Hospital Galway, has been nominated for a Healthcare Innovation Award 2010 for their Velcade-At-Home treatment.

Congratulations to the teams at Janssen-Cilag and University College Hospital, Galway following their nomination for an Aramark Healthcare Innovation Award.

The Velcade-At-Home Service is both an innovative and compassionate response to the difficulties faced by patients suffering from Multiple Myeloma (a form of leukemia), which spares them the exhausting twice-a-week journey from remote parts of the country to their treating hospital.

We were privileged to work on the branding of this thoughtful initiative and are delighted to see it recognised at national level as an exemplary model of patient care.

For as anyone who’s been seriously ill will tell you, when you’re in poor health, there’s no place like home.