Waited On Hand And Foot

Although modern life doesn’t make quite the same demands on the body in terms of physical labour as before, hands and feet remain busy body parts.

And yet these vital parts are largely neglected in terms of regular upkeep and maintenance, particularly by the male of the species, who’s often harder on them than his female counterpart and slower to give them the care and attention they deserve.

At least that’s the case in this part of the world, where metrosexual man has been slow to put in more than a fleeting appearance.

Just The Mani And Pedi Cure

Elsewhere however, men and women alike have been a little quicker on the uptake than our neglected and neglectful Irish male.

This week on Kickstart Your Business, we feature Gosha Marek, a Polish native, who is determined to take the footsore and careworn in hand courtesy of her Noir Hand & Foot Spa offering in Dublin’s South Anne Street.

Walking On Air

Gosha treated both George and I to a pedicure before our feature, and we both reported walking on air afterwards as a result.

George waxed lyrical about the luxurious surroundings of Noir, and noted that Gosha’s treatment went far beyond the much more superficial pedicures he’s received elsewhere.

Meanwhile, I reminded listeners that Gosha’s start-up is a hark back to many more traditional businesses in its strong service offering. Her challenge is to help neglectful men like George and I form the good habit of having a manicure and pedicure on a regular basis. Creating a base of returning clients means that Gosha can concentrate more on delivering a top class service and less on drumming up new customers.

Now You Help Us Nail It

What do you suggest Gosha might do to win over more and more hands and feet to care for at Noir Nails?

Listen back to Gosha on Kickstart Your Business (with thanks to Energia), and tell us what you think?


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