Waking Ned

HotelsInOne.ie are really breathing life into their brand.

We always encourage our clients to be imaginative in bringing their brands to life (some have even given theirs a pet-name!) but www.HotelsInOne.ie are really breathing life into their brand, thanks to the very creative people over at The Hive agency.

We’re pleased to introduce you to Ned, the new face of HotelsInOne. We say ‘face’ because Ned, being a cartoon, is mostly an outsized head with legs and arms. But that’s not the only thing that’s oversized about Ned – he’s also got a big heart and is mad keen to give you the inside track on the best hotel stays in Ireland.

It’s great to meet you, Ned, and we look forward to seeing you out and about over the next while. In the meantime, our visitors can check you out at www.HotelsInOne.ie.