A Star Is Re-Born: Antaris Consulting

There’s a new star – or a newly-named star – in the firmament as TMS Consultancy rebrands as Antaris Consulting.

What’s in a name?

For over fifteen years, our client TMS Consultancy has been guiding its clients in Ireland and the UK through the challenges of managing various aspects of their working environment.

With fresh opportunities to take its customised programmes, software and training services into new markets, TMS decided to take stock and review its position in the market with the help of Islandbridge.

“At the end of last year we decided to talk to our clients, to find out what they thought about our brand and how well it reflected how we work and what we are about. Based on their feedback we realised that we could present ourselves more attractively and use our brand to focus more on our main strengths – our pragmatic and leading-edge approach, accommodating and flexible attitude and in-depth knowledge and experience.” Brona Mojzisova, Business Development Manager, Antaris Consulting

The new brand strategy that resulted from this research prompted a change of name and identity for the business as it prepares to move into new markets, and is marked by the launch of a more modern and informative website Antaris Consulting. This is one of many initiatives now under way as the business continues to refine its focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

Antaris, their new trading name, comes from a guiding star that has played a key role in safe navigation since ancient times. The team chose the new name based on how clients described their work and the expert role that Antaris plays in guiding them through the challenges in their management systems.

Alongside our colleagues at Create Design and Amas Online, we’re delighted to have been part of the team that in turn guided Antaris Consulting to their new name and identity, and wish them safe passage to the new markets that await them and great success when they get there.