Spotted In Stripes

Where’s The Entrepreneur? David Manley Award Winner Smashes Where’s Wally? World Record

Congratulations to David Manley Emerging Entrepreneurs, Emergent Events, on breaking the Where’s Wally? World Record at Dublin’s Merrion Square during the Street Performance World Championship.

3,657 people turned up in the iconic striped shirt and bobble hat of the storybook hero to smash the previous records set on Saturday (also in Dublin) and last weekend (in Cork).

Emergent Events, whose own distinctive World Championships now bring over 250,000 people on to the streets of Dublin, Cork and Portlaoise to enjoy the antics of street performers from all over the world, were Arts & Overall Winners of the David Manley Award in 2006.

Islandbridge is proud Brand-Building Partner to the Awards, and keen supporter of the Street Performance World Championships.