Airing Clean

The hard-pressed but neatly dressed professional appreciates more than most the value of a laundry service.

Having freshly-pressed clothing hanging neatly in the wardrobe at the ready, means they need never appear in public looking anything less than their best.

But that same busy lifestyle that demands they be smartly turned-out can make it difficult to find the time to drop off and collect the laundry, leaving the dirty clothes pile up at home and the freshly-cleaned clothes hang around the cleaners. Meanwhile, the wardrobe grows bare.

First Up, Best Dressed

This week’s Kickstart Your Business featured Evan Gray of a new service that seems to be the answer to the hard-pressed professional’s plea. Whilst Evan’s background is in finance, he spotted an on-demand dry-cleaning service when he was travelling, and thought it would work very well in Ireland, with people always looking to save time and hassle.

His well thought out and smartly presented service can be easily accessed on website and app, and is delivered by appointment to home or office anytime between 9am and 10pm in the greater Dublin area. And for Evan, it’s Dublin first, and then the world.

Suits You, Sir!

As a busy professional who spends much of his time in the public eye, George instantly appreciated the convenience of Evan’s neatly-designed and delivered at-your-service service.

Meanwhile, I admired both the clever name and use of the .ie suffix (although this might limit Evan’s travel plans) and the ease of access on both the website and app.

However, I wonder if Evan is doing all he can to use the product to advertise the service? When I’m out and about in Dublin, I see little evidence of Evan’s busy fleet of drivers picking up and dropping off the laundry. Remember the best advert for a product is often the product itself.

Now Keep It Clean!

What do you suggest that Evan might do to clean up in his new laundry business, first here in Ireland, and then across the world?

Listen back to Evan on Kickstart Your Business (with thanks to Energia), and tell us what you think? We’d love to hear from you:

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