Someone To WatchOver Me

For the anxious parent of a wandering child, out of sight and earshot can quickly mean out of mind with worry.

And whilst the world just might be a safer place these days, it often doesn’t feel that way, with all the apparent dangers, real and imagined that might befall the vulnerable child.

So what’s a parent to do? Deny their child the freedom of the neighbourhood or park, or worry sick each time they set off solo on an adventure?

No Worries, Help Is On Hand

Fiona O’Connor, our featured guest on Kickstart Your Business, is part of a family with both young children and a vulnerable grandparent, any of whom are prone to wander. She and her siblings tried a number of locator-devices without success, and then decided to develop WatchOvers, a simple device – two-way phone and support app in a watch – that lets children and the elderly enjoy their independence, whilst always being within easy reach of the family.

The Wandering Star

So what did George and I make of Fiona’s WatchOvers business?

George wistfully recalled his own days as an errant father and wished his own children had enjoyed the protection of this ingenious device. His memories of arriving late to the school gate to pick up his own son will have struck a chord with many listeners, including myself.

For my part, I admired the very effective image that Fiona has selected to illustrate how WatchOvers works (picture above left), but suggested that she, like many salespeople, is too reluctant to ask for the sale. The eager buyer is obliged to scroll down past a lot of background detail before being able to click to buy; this can be easily addressed by including a Buy Now button at both top and foot of any description.

A Two Way Conversation

What do you suggest that Fiona might do to make sure that help is on hand for anxious families everywhere?

Listen back to Fiona on Kickstart Your Business (with thanks to Energia), and tell us what you think? We’d love to hear from you.

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