In The Bag? Queezy Does It!

Throwing up, whether as a result of car or sea-sickness, pregnancy or a tummy bug, is never a pleasant experience.

But that same experience is made even more stomach-churning (for both the one throwing up and the one catching), when the receptacle for all of that nastiness is as makeshift as a hastily-grabbed paper bin, shopping bag or handbag. What they both wouldn’t do for a thoughtfully designed queasy bag, to help safely catch and dispose of the unpleasantness.

The Catcher On The Fly

When Carrie Doorley, our featured guest on Kickstart Your Business, found herself playing catch-up for her first child Liam who suffered from travel sickness, she looked in vain for sick bags in several shops and pharmacies near her home. To her surprise, none offered anything more suitable than clear plastic bags, and so she decided to design and produce her own.

And so, in the absence of designer sick bags, Queezy Bags were designed and born. Featuring a number of innovative features such as an easy hold rim, discreet patterning and a slot to twist the bag and seal in the smell, Queezy Bags are a real catch.

Retching For The Stars

Both George, who brought up in graphic detail his own sea-sick adventures, and Gerard were immediately impressed with Carrie’s innovative solution to a problem that can afflict someone almost any time or any place.

Think cars, boats, planes but don’t stop there; include hospitals, night-clubs and anywhere a toddler or a mum-to-be frequents. As Carrie memorably puts it in her tagline: Life Is Busy, Don’t Hold Back.

Both also admired Carrie’s clever name, Queezy Bags, which really says it all, but Gerard suggested that the overall packaging is unremarkable and doesn’t give her product and new brand the stand-out it requires to establish real elbow room on the shelves and shop-floors of pharmacists and retailers everywhere.

Glad You Brought That Up

What else do you suggest that Carrie does to capitalise on this yawning gap in a worldwide market?

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