Help At Hand For Helping Hands

The call for volunteers to help in any worthy cause typically prompts a generous response from people willing to lend a hand.

But those same willing hands often get tied up completing the inevitable paperwork that now accompanies the not-for-profit initiative, rather than being put to good use in the field.

With safety first the priority both for the voluntary organisations and those who regulate them, how can the local sports club or fundraiser fulfil their duty of care without getting overwhelmed by form filling?

Now Generosity Knows No Bounds

When David Miller, our featured guest on this week’s Kickstart Your Business, and his colleague Rowan Devereux needed to recruit other parents to the various working groups at their local football club, they realised there was a massive gap between paying lip service to safely bringing volunteers on board, and doing it right. And so they decided to develop the Complyfile software to help organisations everywhere safely recruit volunteers.

Making Time To Save Time

With their own backgrounds in volunteering, both George and Gerard immediately appreciated the benefits of this new software to everyone concerned with the voluntary organisation, from committee members to working groups to volunteers.

Gerard particularly liked the ease of navigation through and noted how the site authors cleverly advise on the length of time (60 seconds) it takes to watch the introductory video, which enables the visitor to easily choose whether or not to view it. Too many publishers ask for an open-ended commitment, the same type of commitment that David & Rowan address through their time-saving and coherent on-boarding software.

Step Forward & Say What You Think

How do you suggest that David and Rowan can get the whole world volunteering in a safe and practical way?

Listen back to David on Kickstart Your Business ( ) and let us know what you think; we’d love to hear from you.

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